5 ways to detox your mind

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I am a firm believer that nutrition goes beyond what foods we consume. That's why I chose Holistic nutrition which looks at many different areas of an individual to make sure they feel nourished in all aspects. One area of focus is our mindset, this area is crucial to supporting all other areas of your healing journey. It can be difficult these days to feel like our minds aren't constantly racing and fixated on the experiences around us. Here are 5 things you can try to detox from the constant bombarding distractions that can put stress on your mindset.

1. Go outside

Getting out of your head and into your body can be done with a simple change of scenery. You don't even have to travel far from your neighborhood to gain many benefits like vitamin D, getting your heart rate a little alleviate by walking, and assisting with digestion by getting things moving,

2. AirPlane Mode

Our phones are amazing tools but sometimes it's best to put them away or on airplane mode for at least 30 minutes to an hour. This can be done right before you go to bed if you work in the daytime. The fear o